Nick (zoneseek) wrote,

Inception squee

Vincenzo Natali, the guy who directed Splice, was confirmed to direct Neuromancer. I tried Splice, and kinda hated it. Scientists can't be this stupid, much less supposedly brilliant scientists. Now, Neuromancer is my all-time favorite book, so I cringe to think what Natali will do to it.

So that's my setup, then segue to Inception. Somewhere, Natali watched this and thought, dang, Nolan beat me to the punch, he went ahead and did a William Gibson movie first. Anyhow, Inception was brilliant. About 30 minutes in, I turned to the girlfriend and said "This is what a Neuromancer/Count Zero movie should be like." Hollywood, please note, intellectually demanding movies really can make money! You don't have to dumb everything down! Caveat, you have to pull it off just right. :\
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